Paul Ryan

Paul Ryan doesn’t have time to answer his constituents’ calls or hold a town hall, but he’s going to campaign with me on May 15. Keeping the 6th red is more important than answering to the people who voted him into office.

He’s even turned off his office telephones & fax machines due to the volume of protests regarding the new healthcare bill (which I firmly support btw). He’s not accepting signed petitions; instead, he’s turning away voters who deliver the petitions.

Needless to say, I see a role model here!

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Debates welcome

And by “welcome the challenge to debate,” we really meant, “no, we have a conflict on any date you suggest.”


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Here’s the statement my office gave the Washington Examiner: “Karen would have joined with the Republicans in the Georgia delegation in voting in favor of the bill. She believes that the status quo is unacceptable and that this legislation, while not perfect, represents just the first step in replacing Obamacare with patient-centered health care.”

Need I say more? I can’t really defend its merits, and I’m not interested in the CBO score because Paul Ryan is going to come campaign for me!

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“Nobody’s going to lose coverage, lower premiums, protect those with pre-existing conditions.” That’s what the President promised. Not that any of that is really in the House plan, but I would have voted for it to give my new buddy, Donald, a “win.”

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Victory is ours!

Wish I had been there for the Congress victory lap around the rose garden. It’s estimated that 1 million Georgians will lose coverage if the health care bill passes the Senate as written. I’m not telling my voters that it will also impact their company provided insurance as well. Shhh.

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This will define us

“This is who we are. This will define us.” – Paul Ryan on the AHCA.

Here’s hoping it defines me, too. I’m with him!

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She’s one of us

Screen Shot 2017-05-03 at 3.13.33 PM

Have you seen the new ad the Atlanta Chamber of Commerce did for me? I’m definitely one of them: white, wealthy, over fifty, and overweight*. If you’re not “one of us,” then it’s going to be tough to represent you in Congress.

You’d have to work hard to come up with an ad that is more elitist and more exclusionary than this one. I’m so happy for their endorsement!

*and not LGBT (that goes without saying).


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